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  • Do you need to upgrade your QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro or Premier, Point of Sale or other accounting software, but don't have the budget for it?
  • Are you not sure which QuickBooks edition you should buy?
  • Are you uncertain how to install and use QuickBooks?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the great news is Kee Technologies  can help you with your QuickBooks purchase. Whether you need QuickBooks Enterprise, Point of Sale, Pro or Premier, as Intuit Premier Resellers we are authorized by Intuit to sell QuickBooks products and to provide professional services. Kee Technologies is recognized by Intuit as expert in QuickBooks products through formal training, testing and certification.


We have really great deals on all QuickBooks products - QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro or Premier and Point of Sale.  Kee Technologies sells a lot of QuickBooks, so we can make our profit not by charging you a lot, but by charging a lot of folks just a little bit over our cost.  And as Certified Intuit Solution Providers we get great prices and specials on Intuit QuickBooks software and hardware that we pass along to you.

"Great price and free shipping. Couldn't be better" - QuickBooks accounting customer


We help you make the right decision. Kee Technologies knows QuickBooks, and we will spend the time necessary to help you navigate through all the QuickBooks editions and options - QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro or Premier, or Point of Sale. Kee Technologies won’t try to upsell you - we’ll make sure you get the QuickBooks product and edition that is right for you. And that is before the sale, and it’s free.   We have been honored by Intuit with many national and regional awards. We'll put our QuickBooks expertise to work for you.

-- "Mr. Kee took the time to help me undersand my options" - QuickBooks Point of Sale customer

We feature nationwide service. Kee Technologies sells QuickBooks products throughout the nation (and the world), and we offer fee-based training classes, installation, consulting and customization remotely over the internet or on-site at most locations nationwide.

--"We love them, they are great! We did training over the internet and they were great. I would definitely recommend them to others." - QuickBooks Enterprise customer


We take care of you after the sale.  We want your QuickBooks experience to be a positive one, so we will help you after the sale, too.  We offer short, free QuickBooks training seminars to help you get started. If you have quick technical questions we will answer them free. Because of our long relationship with Intuit, we know many of the software engineers, sales and support folks and can help you cut through any red tape to get the answers or help you need.

-- "Kee Technologies went above and beyond, they helped me register and helped me with another issue that I was having. They are great and I would  definitely recommend them!!" - QuickBooks Enterprise customer

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